Understand. Heal. Grow. We Can Do This Together


Larimar Counseling Services LMSW, PLLC is a trauma informed care practice. We work in collaboration with the client in a holistic approach to their healing that integrates, without dismissing, the importance the role that mind, body and spirit play in the transformation process.

“Judge each day, not by the harvest,
but by the seeds you planted.”
- African Proverb


To engage in a clear and transparent therapeutic relationship that will guide and empower our clients to actively become self-sufficient in their own journey.

About Jessenia Ogunade, LMSW

As a first generation Afro Latina woman born to immigrant Dominican parents, I had the best of both worlds, even if I didn’t realize it as a young girl growing up in the Bronx during the 1970s. At home, I was surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of my parent’s native land. But outside I had to navigate the pressure to assimilate and adapt to the world around me that shared different customs, language and beliefs. I grew up in a tough environment and like many Americans struggling today, things did not come easy for us. Overcoming adversity was less of a choice and more of a necessity.