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Behavioral Health/Criminal Justice

  • Critical Incident Stress Management Debriefing
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Policing & Community Relations

Hardship and Asylum Immigration Evaluations

We are able to provide in depth evaluations to assist in the client’s immigration case to support his/her request to remain lawfully in the United States. The report has been shown to strengthen the client’s immigration case but we make no guarantee of the outcome. Information is gathered in multiple sessions and can include detailed information not limited to the client’s pedigree, personal, work and family history. A completed report is submitted within 14 days. Evaluation sessions are confidential and are available in Spanish. All others will require an interpreter provided by the client.

We conduct the following types of evaluations:

  • Extreme Hardship Cases
  • Spousal Abuse (VAWA) Cases
  • Political Asylum Cases
  • U Visa Cases
  • T Visa Cases
  • Cancellation of Removal Cases

Payment plans are available. There is a no show/cancellation fee specific for this service.

Training & Speaking engagements

  • Based on the agency’s request